2 comments on “RPG Quests Are Just as Repetitive

  1. Thanks for the link and a very good point you have there. One advantage that single player quests have over MMORPG ones though, is their ability to actually change things. Repercussions from MMO quests have to be confined in phasing zones, if they happen at all. Single player quest designers can essentially do whatever they want.
    Obviously, this difference is larger than just quests – but assigning actual meaning to an MMO quest is much harder than to a single player one simply because designers don’t want one player “ruining” the experience for everyone else.

    • Yeah, player choice will be hard, but that’s not completely required for an awesome RPG. I mean Oblivion was considered a good RPG despite most quests not offering the player any real choice in the outcome. The player could choose to do the quest or not do the quest. I imagine Skyrim is similar with most quests not giving you a whole lot of player choice. Quests and questlines can be mostly linear but still be a lot of fun.

      Thanks for the comment. I am still pretty new at blogging.

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