2 comments on “Videogames Are Not Art, Something More

  1. Interesting position. This is the first time I have seen a position such as yours in regards to interactivity being “The next evolution.”

    I disagree with your point on art and interactivity, however. Art, for all intents and purposes, is interactive. It requires others to observe, interpret, and appreciate works of art. As well, going by various definitions of art, video games do qualify. Of course, this is just a difference of opinions and interpretation of information.

    But really, as you had alluded to, video games do not need to be art. I my self, also a rather hardcore gamer, only see video games as art when I step back and qualify them according to established definitions. Otherwise, I do not care if they are art or not. Video games are video games and they do not need to aspire to be anything else.

    • The example I think of is the Mass Effect games. They have a lot of cinematics. I would consider each one to be art. As it is a game, it prompts the player to make decisions throughout. Let’s say we set all the decisions to the top option (the dialog wheel northeast position) and then proceed to “watch” the game. That is art. So a game like this I guess is thousands or maybe even millions of works of art depending on the dialog choices.

      As far as game design in general, I still think of it as more of a science. The designer needs to create a good base of game design, but that’s ultimately molded and changed by the testing and feedback process. Very few games turn out the way the designer envisioned them, though this might just due to the cost of game development. Developers end up having to pander to both executives on one side and players on the other simply to stay in business.

      Thanks for commenting.

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