About the blog

For the past five years I have grown more and more interested in how the game industry works and how that affects us consumers. I frequently would write about this in forum posts, but people complained I wrote too much. I always made lots of paragraphs, no walls of text, but people just were not interested in reading that much in a forum post. Some even said I should make a blog. A couple years later I decided to do that and created a Gamespot blog named the Game Industry Intelligence Files.

I came up with a list of topics to write about and a schedule for which days I would have something ready to post. However, I just did not have the motivation then to keep writing. I liked to discuss interesting topics but was more interested in arguing my point on a forum than writing. Since my blog was new I did not have any regular readers writing comments. No opportunity to argue, I lost interest and stopped posting.

Since then I created a blog, Slash ‘n Blast, about Torchlight and other RPGs to write down builds. This was a chance to delve into the game design of a RPG by carefully looking at its mechanics. A game I may have thought was perfect could turn out to have flaws on closer inspection. I find that to be a lot of fun and still plan to maintain that blog for years to come as new RPGs come out. Still, I had some motivation problems with that blog as well. After only a month I was already getting tired of it. This time I just forced myself to keep working on it, though, and now it has become a habit for me to write something for it about once a week.

Now, I have created Game Industry Intelligence Files, shortened to GamintaFiles for the domain name, to write about general game industry happenings. I am not expecting lots of readers and comments. My blogs may never get much traffic to have that. I am okay with that, as my blogs are first and foremost a place store my thoughts. Whenever interesting discussion comes up on a forum, I can write my full length thoughts on the blog. Then in the discussion I can just summarize the blog post and provide a link. The idea is that people can read my full thoughts if they want to, but most people can just easily get the main point in the summary I write. It would be awesome if some day GamintaFiles is popular in the gaming community, but I do not expect that to happen and will be just fine if it does not.

About the author

My name is Thander, and I love discussing video games. I am mostly a PC gamer but pay attention to gaming issues related to consoles as well. When I was younger I just wanted to play the latest and greatest games, the ones that got all the hype. As I have gotten older, I have become more and more interested in the industry itself as well as more low level things like game design. I also like to make predictions for the future. Things like which system will be the best seller or game of the year. I really just like writing about games and hope you find something interesting here.

While I got a degree in Computer Science, I am actually more interested in writing about the game industry. Journalism is one thing, but I would love to write opinion pieces, editorials, and articles for a major gaming website. I am really hoping I can use this blog as a launchpad for a future writing career. I do not feel I have enough experience yet to put a resume up but maybe some day. In the meantime I will be looking at popular gaming websites for any openings, even volunteer. If you are an editor of a gaming website, please contact me. I would love to hear from you.