There are basically 2 kinds of posts I make on this blog. Opinions are posts where I just lay out my thoughts on some aspect of the game industry. I might have a few links to a sources, but usually I do not need to do any research to say my opinion. Features are mainly just longer opinion posts. Rather than simply state my opinion, I try to back it up with a lot of research or analysis. Some features are objective, but I still might tell a story from my game playing experience that relates to the topic or make a prediction about the future based on the known facts.

Curated Posts

These are posts that have some significance to me. I either had a lot of fun writing them, think they are my best writing on the site, or feel they cover some unique topic that I have not seen on other websites.

Gaming Revolutions – This was my first posting about what I consider to be the big revolutions in the game industry over the years. It was the first real post I made in a blog, and thus, not my best example of writing. It does not flow very well. I also forgot to include any online sources. I post it here not for its quality, but because I love analyzing the big innovations in the game industry and wonder what the future holds.

A Visual Guide to the Interactive Boards in Hearthstone – Although it was a lot of work editing all the images, I had a lot of fun with this post. As one of the lucky receivers of a Hearthstone beta key, I decided to find all the fun little objects you can click on in the game boards. When you are waiting around for your opponent to play their turn, you can have something to do.

Hearthstone Basic Decks Card List – For some reason the game did not list cards in the starting decks that everyone gets for free, so I kept track of the cards I drew while playing and wrote it all down on this post.

The Hall of Fame

These are my most popular posts all time. I consistently see people visiting them years after they have been posted.

When Anti-Aliasing Is No Longer Needed – I looked at where we are at in the fight against jagged edges in computer games, and where we need to be to ultimately win that fight.

Why Skyrim Sold Better Than Oblivion – I compared the sales of both Skyrim and Oblivion at launch and explained my reasoning for why Skyrim did so much better.

Yearly Gaming Predictions

Every year I look at several game genres and make my predictions on what the best games of the year will be. The next year I write a follow-up post showing my prediction results to see if I was correct and how far off I was.

My 2012 Gaming Predictions & Results

My 2013 Gaming Predictions & Results