2 comments on “Predicting the Bottom for World of Warcraft Subscriber Numbers

  1. Sorry to disappoint but the last xpac was the final straw for most of us. We gave WoW all the time we had for that game to improve and it has consistently ignored our requests to improve the game for hardcore gamers, now short of going F2P we will not come back, not for any expansion because honestly there is nothing appealing enough about that game anymore to come back to.

    • Historically, every expansion has caused an increase in subscribers, at least in the short term. I don’t think that will change. Mists of Pandaria still raised subscribers to 9.6 million for a month or so. That is going to happen again for the next expansion. I don’t think it will get to 9.6 million again, probably more like 7.5-8 million (after a low of 7.1 million). Doesn’t disappoint me though. I don’t play WoW anymore. I just like to make predictions. =)

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